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Gymnastics Programs for All Ages and Skill Levels

Here are our gymnastics class descriptions which provide an understanding of our age separation and allow parents to choose which program better suits you and your child.

Start your Gymnastics Adventure with Us!

We offer a variety of gymnastics classes at our state-of-the-art facility in Wilbraham, MA. If you have any questions about our gymnastics class offerings, please contact us at (413) 596-0089.

Tiny Flippers (Ages 15 - 36 Months)

(AGES 15 – 36 Months) | 40 MIN. CLASS The next level of gymnastics class also includes mom and dad, or both. These children are ready to move, jump, swing, and reach out a little more toward adventure with the gymnastic equipment. This program is further broken down into age groups to fine tune the skills geared toward age-appropriate development. The trampoline is introduced; the pit and climbing ladder are also used.

Mini Flippers (Ages 3 - 4.5 Years)

(AGES 3 – 4.5 YRS.) | 45 MIN. CLASS Here is the start of the gymnastic program without parents in the gym. We do have themes however to bring parents into the gym throughout the year, so they can still have fun- because I know the parents miss being in the gym after being there for the past few years. Your child will learn structure in a positive way, following directions- because they want to, learning and mastering their gymnastic skills: forward roll, back roll, cartwheel over the mats, jumping two feet on the trampoline, lots of obstacle course fun, along with bars, beam, vault, pit, ropes, and FUN, FUN FUN!

Mini-Kinder Flippers (Ages 3 - 5 Years)

(AGES 3 – 5YRS.) | 50 MIN. CLASS A gymnastic combination class with both Mini and Kinder Flippers for convenience. This class was specifically designed for parents who have 3 to 5 year olds that would usually take different classes. Now each child can get their gymnastic excitement and mom or dad only has to make one trip to the gym. Children are divided according to age and ability to enhance their skill development in gymnastics.

Kinder Flippers (Ages 4 - 5.5 Years)

(AGES 4 – 5.5YRS.) | 55 MIN. CLASS Now we are ready for a challenge in this wonderful sport. We know how to follow directions, pay attention, and now we are ready to climb to the top of the rope, learn a bridge kickover and perhaps make it to the floor, try pullovers on the bars, and master a cartwheel on the floor. So much FUN packed into a challenging sport of gymnastics!

Cougars (Ages 5 - 8 Years)

(AGES 5 – 8 YRS.) | 60 MIN. CLASS Another after school gymnastics program offered for those children who have full day Kindergarten and older brothers and sisters that, for convenience, would like to be in the same class time. Warm up is performed, girls and boys are separated into their own gymnastics equipment. Rotations are performed and skills as well as safety are exercised. This class is known for its convenience and a positive learning environment.

Tigers (Ages 6 - 12 Years)

(AGES 6 -12YRS.) | 60 MIN. CLASS The Tigers are the ones that are the king of the jungle. This class stresses learning new gymnastic skills, refining old skills and having fun while being challenged! When you are a tiny flipper, you keep telling your mom, “I can’t wait to be a Tiger!” Handstands are taught – not just to learn, but to hold your balance. The bars become a routine- no matter how small the routine or how large the skill, everyone can gain success in gymnastics!

Jaguars (Ages 6 - 14 Years)

Jaguars: (ages 6-14) Students that have been with us for three or more years. Gymnasts who have been with All American Gymnastic Academy, who want to be with children their own age who have similar experiences and ability, will be allowed in this class. Skills will be learned on all events. Athletes will be challenged. You will be grouped by ability.

Tramp and Tumbling (Ages 9 - 16 Years)

(AGES 9 – 16YRS.) | 60 MIN. CLASS Tramp and tumbling is perfect for the children who love jumping on the trampoline versus other gymnastic equipment. Skills development may include a back handspring or flip on the tramp. Safety is our number one priority and is stressed when teaching these skills.

Xcel Rec and Developmental Team Programs

Our Xcel Rec team practices are for athletes who have shown potential, skill, attitude, respect, and dedication to the sport of gymnastics.  We also offer offer a developmental team for our younger athletes interested in a competitive path. The Xcel Rec team practices are held twice a week for 2 hours. Our Developmental team practices twice a week for one hour each practice. Flexibility, strength, conditioning, and routine skills will be practiced in theses practiceses.These programs are invitational only, an evaluation is required to join.

Open Gym

(Ages 15+) 2 hour session, Fridays from 7 – 9 PM; $20.00 per athlete. This unstructured program is supervised by coaching staff.

(AGES 5 & up) 2 hour session, Saturdays 2-4 AM; $20.00 per athlete. This unstructured gymnastics program is supervised by coaching staff. Practice skills learned in class (floor, obstacle course, trampoline) at your own pace. Practicing gymnastic skills on bars, beam and vault requires individual supervision by a coach.

(AGES 18mo-6yrs) 1 hour session. Please see our calendar for our current preschool open gym days and times. Supervised open gym time and activities, from obstacle courses, bouncing on the trampolines to playing games! Children under 3yrs must be accompanied by a parent. Preregistration is preferred, but not required.

Children under the age of 18 must have a parent sign a waiver before participating.

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