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Frequently Asked Gymnastics Questions

What should my child wear to class?

For safety, while performing on equipment, we suggest clothing that is close fitting. Leotards or bike shorts are appropriate for girls. We sell leotards and the girls love them! Cotton socks may be worn but no tights, they are slippery and unsafe. To keep legs warm, sweat pants or leggings with no feet may be worn.. Jewelry must not be worn in the gym. Rings, hoop earrings, belts and big barrettes must not be worn. Hair must be tied up! Boys may wear T-shirt and shorts or sweat pants. Jeans or anything with snaps, zippers or clips are not appropriate clothing items as they are not safe. When glasses are worn, wear a safety strap to keep the glasses on -there is a lot of flight and rotation involved, therefore glasses should be secured.

Can my child make up a missed class?

If at any time a class must be missed due to illness or conflict with homework or vacation, a make-up will be allowed. A make-up schedule is posted at the front desk. Please check with the office staff for availability in the class, and register for the make-up class with the front desk.

Make-ups are to be made within the pay period/session of the missed class. Only two make-ups per session are allowed.

When my child is in class, is there a place his or her sibling can go?

We welcome siblings to come to the gym during another siblings class time. If they must come into the gym during a tiny flippers class, they should bring something to do and sit on the side by the door during class. This is a safety issue, liability for the child that is not enrolled. It also allows safety and quality time for the parent with the child enrolled.

Inclement Weather

In the event of bad weather, we will make all efforts to stay open. If there is a question concerning weather, please call the Academy, check the home page of our web site, or tune in to Channel 40-WGGB-TV. A no school announcement will be posted for the academy and a make up schedule will be announced at the next class.


We have a 7 to 8 week pay period. Our tuition is based on a September through June program. You may pick up an enrollment packet when you sign up. Payment is due before the first day of the session. If payment is not received, a reminder letter will be sent to you with a $15.00 late fee applied. If there are any concerns with payment, please see Anne or Joe before the first day of the session. A one time annual registration fee per child, or per family of three or more, is also required upon registering your child for the program. There are no refunds, if at any time you must leave the program, your only obligation is to be responsible for the pay period that you are enrolled.

What programs do you offer?

At All American Gymnastic Academy we offer a variety of programs including:
• Summer Camp
• Special Events
• Field Trips
• Fitness Carnival
• Excel Physical Therapy & Conditioning
• Iron Cross-Fitness
• KDCP Dance Program
• Martial Arts
• Tumbling, Strength & Conditioning for Cheerleaders

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