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AAGA is proud to announce we’ve eliminated our registration fee for all of our recreational gymnastic programs! Please help spread the word to your family or friends who assume involving their children in gymnastics may be out of their reach...

Pre-Team Gymnastics

Pre-Team Gymnastics aaga-2007-preteam-edit.jpg

Our pre-team classes are for athletes who have shown potential, skill, attitude, respect, and dedication to the sport of gymnastics. This is our stepping stone to the competitive team here at All American Gymnastic Academy. We offer an Incredibles class for ages 5-7 years, and a Preteam class for ages 7 and up. Classes are held twice a week. Incredibles meet twice a week for one hour, Preteam meets twice a week for 1 ½ hours plus a half hour of strength training. Flexibility, strength, conditioning, and routine skills will be practiced in these classes. The skills follow the USA Jr. Olympic programs for level 1-4. Because these classes are invitational only, an evaluation is required to join the class.